Partnership Governance

Partnership Governance

At AGS we have been working with the public sector for over 30 years – so we’ve heard about ‘partnership working’ and the joint delivery of services for a long time. But the recent introduction of STPs, Accountable Care Systems and Accountable Care Organisations have taken the concept of partnership working to a new level. We’ve seen STP Boards with 50 members representing numerous organisations trying to agree on the joint delivery of services. How can effective governance be implemented in such circumstances?

There are no easy answers to this challenge. But AGS is here to offer support as Partnerships seek the answer. We can facilitate workshops where the subject of governance can be discussed and collective actions agreed on structures and processes. We can review your Memorandum of Understanding and assess whether it genuinely assists your Partnership to deliver service transformation. And we can review the effectiveness of your current partnership governance arrangements and make recommendations for improvement.

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