Risk Management Training

Risk Management Training

Organisational change and relentlessly increasing demands on public services both breed risk in worryingly large amounts. There has never been a greater need for all managers in the public sector to have a detailed understanding of what risk management really is and how it should be applied in the current environment. Yet, experience shows that frequently this understanding is lacking: accurate articulation of risks, application of risk appetite and correctly assessing actual threat and impact of risks continue to elude many managers.

How AGS Can Help
AGS has over 15 years of experience of delivering workshops and training on risk management in the public sector environment. Our staff are highly skilled facilitators who have delivered interactive training to all levels of management. We understand the challenges in documenting and managing risk and advise on practical solutions which improve control without being too onerous.

Risk Management Training Services AGS Offers
We will meet with you to discuss your specific needs, basing our training on your Risk Management Strategy and processes to ensure its relevance to you. Subjects we can provide specific workshops on include:

How to identify and properly describe risk;

Assessing risk at department and corporate levels.

Understanding the ‘3 levels of defence’ of risk management.

The importance of Risk Appetite and how to implement it.

Documenting risks in Risk Registers and Assurance Frameworks.

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