Project & Programme Assurance

Project & Programme Assurance

The public sector is facing its biggest transformation in history. Projects and programmes aimed at delivering better services for lower costs need to be implemented in numbers never seen before. Unfortunately, this is a risky business: the internet is full of depressing statistics on the failure of the public sector to effectively implement change – be this ERP Programmes, new IT systems or more general service transformation. AGS supports management in the potentially daunting task of implementing projects and programmes through providing independent reviews of project controls and documentation, making recommendations to Project and Programme Boards to improve arrangements where necessary.

Why Choose AGS?

We have years of experience of providing project assurance roles and in reviewing project implementation in the public sector. We know where project governance is often poor and recommend targeted action to ensure projects have the maximum opportunity of succeeding.

Qualified in application of PRINCE2 project management techniques, we understand how to apply these to the ‘real world,’ focusing on pragmatic methods of implementing critical controls without over burdening already busy staff with unnecessary documentation.

The Types of Project/Programme Assurance Services We Provide

Delivery of Project Assurance role on Project Boards. In addition to attendance at Project Board meetings, this role includes ongoing periodic review of the operation of a project or programme’s wider governance structure, ensuring that the Project Team is delivering effectively on its responsibilities.

One off reviews of project/programme governance arrangements, examining and assessing the project structure and key project documentation;

Project recovery reviews, identifying where projects have gone ‘off track’ and what controls are necessary to bring them back ‘on line.’

What our customers say about our delivery of Project Assurance:

“Kevin’s delivery of Project Assurance roles between 2014 and 2017 for the CCG provided Project Boards and the Audit Committee with valuable independent insight into the projects’ implementation. His reports made effective and pragmatic recommendations to improve controls and were cognisant of the challenges faced when implementing complex projects involving multiple organisations.” - NHS CCG Chief Finance Officer.