Public Sector Internal Auditing

Public Sector Internal Auditing

As experts in the field of public sector internal audit, we know how hard it is to find high quality, experienced internal audit staff with a detailed knowledge of the public sector. Recruiting staff to the first level of senior management within an internal audit department, in particular, can be a real challenge. Too often, directors of audit services have to rely on agency staff, which can be a lottery in getting quality staff – an expensive one too.

Why choose AGS to support you in the delivery of your internal audit contracts?

AGS can provide highly skilled and qualified internal auditors to support you in the delivery and management of internal audits, at rates significantly lower than the big firms of accountants charge.

We have years of experience of auditing in both the NHS and local government throughout the Midlands and South Yorkshire.

Our understanding of the market in which public sector internal audit operates is unrivalled. We know what it takes to successfully tender for and deliver a modern, effective and responsive service that delivers what clients need.

The types of internal audit support we provide:

We can undertake any reviews that appear in internal audit plans for NHS and local government organisations, drawing on our experience of working in the public sector for over 30 years.

Our staff have many years of experience working at a senior management level within internal audit, so you can rely on us to review and supervise work of more junior staff, ensuring that it meets minimum public sector internal audit standards.

We have participated in successful tendering exercises for internal audit contracts and can support your organisation in the preparation of tender bids.

What our customers say about the support we provide to internal audit functions:

'AGS provide an effective internal audit support service. They can be relied upon to undertake complex reviews across all areas within an internal audit plan with minimum supervision and produce reports of an exceptionally high standard.' – Deputy Director of an Internal Audit Consortium providing services to the NHS and Local Government.